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The Great Barrier Island Rockfishing Blog ( is dedicated to land-based fishing on Aotea (Great Barrier Island, New Zealand). Rockfishing is not only the most sustainable form of fishing but also a favourite pastime of Kiwis. The keen angler knows that there is more to fishing than catching fish. Be it the pleasure of being outdoors and finding that magical, remote ledge, the anticipation, reading weather and sea conditions or the planning of an early morning fishing trip.

This blog contains high-quality fishing articles and photographs with tips and tricks ranging from how to catch and cook a feed to targeting big kingfish.

About Ben Island

I’ve been fishing off New Zealand rocks for more than a decade and live permanently on Great Barrier Island since 2011. Since my first attempt at fishing, standing on Devonport Wharf early in a winter morning and trying to tie a uni knot with semi-frozen fingers, I’ve come a long way, have fished the remote coasts of New Zealand and am making a name for myself as an active land-based angler and writer. Articles from this blog have been reproduced in the following media:


I’m looking for businesses that want to advertise their fishing and/or Great Barrier Island related products. Suitable advertisements include:

  • Fishing Gear/Products
  • Fishing Publications
  • Charters & Related Services
  • GBI Accommodation & Services

Terms & Conditions

Your 336 pixel wide image on the main landing page with a link to your services plus a 220 pixel wide image/link on all posts and pages for 50 NZD excl. GST per month.

Exclusive Sponsorship

Like what I’m doing here?, consider becoming an exclusive sponsor. I can wear your label on a shirt or hat and your logo will be published with every photograph. You will also receive a 336px and 220px image/link as above-mentioned.  Terms & Conditions are negotiable, contact me to discuss options.

Great Barrier Island Businesses

Running a lodge, selling fishing gear or offering charter trips? I can promote your services/business by writing and publishing an exclusive article together with professional photos. Contact me for more detail.

Exclusive Articles & Photos

Exclusive fishing-related articles tailored to your needs with professional photographs can be made available on a regular basis. Typical examples would be:

  • Great Barrier Island Fishing Reports
  • Extreme Land Based Fishing Adventures
  • How To: Land Based Fishing Tips & Tricks
  • High-Quality Photographs of Fish & Fishing

Terms & Conditions

Short article consisting of 500 words and one photograph (50 NZD excl. GST) [English or German]

Long article consisting of 1500 words with at least two photographs (100 NZD excl. GST) [English or German]


For further details or to discuss your specific needs, please contact me via the contact form.

Cheers and tight lines, Ben Island

Ben Island with the first fish he caught off the rocks in New Zealand (October 2004).

Ben Island with the first fish he caught off the rocks in New Zealand (October 2004).

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