Extreme Rockfishing Adventures

Important Update

Hello. Fishing Trips are not offered anymore in 2017. Until further notice, I am not offering any fishing trips. Thanks Ben.


Hello and welcome to the Great Barrier Island Rockfishing Blog. Landbased fishing is a sport, you have to hike and sometimes climb to get to a good spot, you just can’t rely on luck to catch the big ones. While timing plays an important role in fishing, it is not everything. To be successful, you need to know what to do, how and when.


For bookings, questions and planning, please email me via the contact page. I will get in touch with you as soon as I can.

Rockfishing Adventures Tailored To Your Needs

I provide two types of rockfishing adventures and it is up to you to decide what you are more interested in. Don’t hesitate to talk to me about your needs and questions.

  • Option A: You are an experienced angler and your number one priority is to catch big fish.
  • Option B: You are less experienced and want to have a good time, enjoy the hike, scenery, learn about rockfishing and hopefully catch your dinner.

All Inclusive Service

I will look after everything; safety, bait, burley, location, tackle, rod, reel, catching live bait, etc. and you concentrate on catching the big moocher. I pre-tie all the various rigs you might need for this adventure so that no time is wasted when the fish are on the bite. In addition, I’m happy to give you local advice about fishing, the Island and provide tips and tricks on how to catch more and bigger fish. Plan circa half a day (5-7 hours) for your rockfishing adventure.


Between 200-300 NZD for a party of up to three. Depending on whether you have your own transport or require a pick up and drop off from and to your accommodation.

Safety & Weather

Prior to your adventure you must acknowledge that rockfishing can be dangerous and that I do not take any liability for injuries or loss of property. Safety is my number one priority when taking you fishing. Any fishing adventure will be planned according to weather and sea conditions. I carry a small first aid kit, am trained in first aid and we stay together at all times.

What You Need To Bring

  • if suitable, bring your personal rod/reel and tackle (otherwise you can rent this from at no additional cost)
  • water and something to eat
  • closed shoes, hiking shoes covering the ankle are best
  • a rain-jacket that can keep you warm (conditions change and it is important to keep dry and warm)
  • cell phone
  • small backpack
  • sun screen
  • (polarised) sunglasses
  • there are no ATMs on the Barrier, so please bring cash

What I Take Along

  • rod/reel/tackle/pre-tied rigs/bait/burley/bucket/rope/knife/rod holders
  • cell phone
  • small first aid kit
  • camera to take quality photographs of you and your catch
  • my fishing dog if you don’t mind
  • big backpack/sturdy, big plastic bags for your catch
  • rubbish bags

Photos & Article

I appreciate it if you gave me permission to take and use photographs of you for an article to be published on my blog. Some of my articles may appear in fishing magazines. In return, I provide you with high-resolution photos of your adventure at no cost.


  • How can you improve my chances of catching fish? By using local knowledge/experience, plenty of burley and providing the right gear and techniques to catch and land big fish.
  • Can you guarantee me fish? No, I cannot do that, but catching fish is a top priority. I will choose a good spot and work hard to get the fish to come to you. Prior to planning this trip I discuss with you the best time and day to go fishing. I particularly like fishing a couple hours before the low tide in the morning.
  • Do I need my own transport? I can pick customers up in the Tryphena and Claris area and drop them off after the fishing trip.
  • Do I need any fishing gear? No, I can provide all the gear you need at no extra cost.  You are welcome to bring your own gear though and this is advisable for the very keen, very experienced fisho.
  • What is involved in getting to a good spot? I will ask you whether you are afraid of heights, whether you are comfortable walking for half an hour on a rocky beach and whether you want to go to a very remote spot. In general, you will be hiking a bit (at least an hour return trip).
  • What about safety? We will not fish in uncomfortable or dangerous conditions. Every adventure is dependent on weather and sea conditions. I carry a small first aid kit and am trained in first aid. We stay together at all times. We don’t fish in any swell.
  • How do I pay you? After our fishing adventure. Please bring cash.
  • Other questions: Please flick me an email and I will get in touch with you. It is important that you tell me honestly what you want out of this fishing adventure, what your needs and skills are, so I can provide you with top service.


For bookings, questions and planning, please email me via the contact page. I will get in touch with you as soon as I can.



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