101 Things I Know About Rockfishing

There is quite a bit to rockfishing, and I want to find out what the most important 101 things to know are. In order to obtain a comprehensive list of practical and useful tips that will guarantee more and bigger fish at the end of your line, I collect things that have worked out for me in this article. Some of these suggestions are a result of empirical knowledge, a lot has been shared with me. Hopefully, there will be feedback from like-minded fishos and we can compile such a list together. 1. when stray lining, fish a big and a medium-sized rod simultaneously. 2. fresh bait stays better on the hook and big fish go crazy for it. 3. …

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Kingfish Off The Rocks VI – Great Barrier Island

As my friend Sinclair put it some time ago, “there is quite a bit to rockfishing”. The plan for yesterday was to target and arrest kingfish. Everything went according to plan and we experienced spectacular rockfishing action. We landed a kingi, but what we saw next was huge. 500 kg of huge and it almost took our bait. Conditions & Timing Sunday, 01.02.2015, Great Barrier Island, calm sea, cloudy, variable tail wind and very warm. Choosing the right time might not seem that straight forward but with low tide at 1230, I felt confident that there was no need to get up early. We had the burley deployed and the first bait in the water at 1020, the first kingi …

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Kingfish Off The Rocks V – Great Barrier Island

In my youth, I aspired to be great at table tennis, arguably the sport they play in heaven, but ultimately, I spent heaps of time in gymnasiums and only thought about my choice of sport more consciously, years after playing actively, when a flatmate asked why anyone would want to spend a lot of time in a closed, unnatural environment and chase a ball with a racket. Duuh, it’s the sport they play in heaven, do I need say anything more? Rockfishing Is A Sport Imagine, however, mixing some of the things you enjoy most (nature, fresh air, the sea, walking, fresh food), spicing them up with adventure, excitement, and if you like, danger, the unknown factor, physical activity and, …

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Kingfish Off The Rocks IV – Great Barrier Island

On my last mission – some ten days ago – I landed a 12 lbs+ snapper off the rocks, after a challenging and long fight on light tackle. The fishing was even better two days ago, on another landbased fishing adventure with my top friend Chritian visiting from Germany. We planned to fish the outgoing tide and arrived at our destination rightt on the high tide mark. We deploying a small burley bomb and stray-lined squid and pilchards. Christian spotted immediately – while I was sorting out some gear – a big snapper in the burley trail and by the time I had a bait in the water, there were plenty of small bait fish and some other biggish snapper …

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Kingfish Off The Rocks III – Aotea

We had a few interesting and at times exhausting fishing sessions last week, and just a few days before my mate Paul had to leave to the main land, conditions were not too bad to take him to the Cape. Being a seasoned kingfish angler who has extensively fished the coastlines of the tip of the Coromandel Peninsular, Paul had always fantasized about a rockfishing adventure at Cape Barrier, looking at the Coromandel instead of the other way round. It would be our last fishing adventure for 2013 and the start of it was undoubtedly quite interesting.

Kingfish Off The Rocks II – Great Barrier Island

Finally, I get a chance to write in more detail about our recent land based fishing adventure. As any keen angler, I also enjoy putting friends onto the fish. At times this can prove difficult, mostly because fishing is not always the highest priority, but that is not an issue with my English bud Paul. He is an expert on catching kingfish off the rocks. He’s dedicated, very experienced and most of the times well prepared, and he uses the word kingi a lot during a day.

Big Snapper Off The Rocks X – The 20 Pounder

Sunday morning (04-11-14), 0630, Great Barrier Island, Tryphena. While the rooster is crowing, I’m putting pre-tied rigs into my fishing pack and am getting ready to head out. My plan is simple but sound. It is a calm day, slightly overcast, a northerly wind will develop later in the morning, low tide is at 0930 and while most are still in their beds, Rani – the fishing dog – and I are about to embark on a land-based fishing adventure.

Big Snapper Off The Rocks IX – Aotea

I was feeling energetic walking along the coast with the fishing pack on the back, the rods in one hand and the bucket with bait and burley in the other. It was Sunday morning, about 10 o’clock, and the plan was to arrest a few fish for dinner. I was so eager about this rockfishing mission that I even took the live-bait rod. Burley hard, catch a decent snapper and send a live bait out under a balloon before low tide at 12 o’clock. Not a bad plan… Conditions seemed great, the sky was overcast, the wind variable and the sea slight. As I was walking up and down those big boulders, telling Rani for the x-th time to either …

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